Local man defies the odds Death-defying Mathew Brealy of Moor has spent nearly a year recovering from horrific injuries.  But even this hasn’t dampened his entrepreneurial spirit as he has now launched M B Electrical (Chesterfield) Ltd with the help of the Work for Yourself programme funded by Bolsover District Council.  He said, “Last April a friend and I were out one morning on our motorcycles when I was struck full in the face by a low- flying pigeon.  It smashed through my helmet visor and the lens of my glasses.  I was knocked unconscious and collapsed on to the front of my bike hitting the throttle so that it accelerated out of control.  The police later estimated that the bike had gone from just 50 miles an hour to over 130.  Thankfully it was a straight country road!  But, although it was a very open area, there was a single oak tree – and, somehow, the bike hit it a glancing blow and smashed in to thousands of pieces.  I was thrown 200 yards down the main road.” Mathew was fortunate to get early help and explained, “A local farmer blocked the road with his combine harvester and the emergency services gave me treatment on the road for about an hour before I was lifted out by air ambulance.  I can’t remember any of it but I’m told that it was touch and go.  I had two skull fractures with bleeding in to my brain, a broken leg and four cracked ribs plus damage to my right hand.  It took ten weeks in hospital for me to make some recovery - with a titanium rod in my leg and my hand wired back together.  I had to learn how to walk again.  But, with the support of my wife and family plus specialist brain injury support, I was determined to get on my feet and back to work.” After months of recuperation, Mathew says “I’m 99% back to normal.  I launched my new company in January and I’m doing electrical work for some old customers and new ones that I get through recommendations and advertising.” NIC certified and with over 20 years experience, Mathew now provides light industrial, commercial and electrical services from new build installations, re-wiring, maintenance and repairs plus PAT testing and certification for rented properties.  He is already planning to grow the business and is looking at the possibility of taking on an apprentice.
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