Shirebrook’s International Psychic and Clairvoyant Local Clairvoyant Kathleen Quinlan has clients as far afield as Australia and New Zealand within just a few weeks of launching her new psychic services.  With the help of the Work for Yourself programme, funded by Bolsover District Council, her life has changed from relying on benefits to fulfilling her dreams. She explained, “I was just 26 when I dreamt of cards - they had strange pictures and I didn’t understand what they meant at the time.  I later learned that they were Tarot cards and felt utterly compelled to have a set.  Almost immediately, I was able to read the cards instinctively.” “At the time, I was a Youth Development Worker helping local volunteers to set up self- help groups.  I realised that helping other people get through problems was really important for me.  But, when that neighbourhood renewal funding came to an end, I was unemployed.  Life was even more difficult for me because I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being abused as a child - and I became more depressed and anxious from being out of work.” Kathleen was impressed by the support she receives from her Work for Yourself Business Adviser, “She was wonderful – we worked together on my business plan which turned my idea in to reality.  Then she took me through each step of my business launch at the start of November and she is always on the end of the phone if I need to ring her.  Becoming self-employed works for me – I have the choice and control so that I can manage work alongside my health condition if I’m having a bad day.  Within a couple of weeks, I have become a consultant for an Australian company, ‘Absolute Soul Secrets’, and give phone readings to their clients there and in New Zealand.  Due to the time difference, I provide readings for their customers in their evenings.  I had to do some test readings to show that my work is high quality and accurate.  Just four weeks later clients are asking for me by name and I have had fabulous feedback on the company website.” Talking about her Tarot cards, Kathleen said, “They help people – they give guidance on relationship worries, financial difficulties, jobs and psychological problems.  I ask a client to focus on what is worrying them – without telling me.  Once we have both shuffled the cards, I have picked up their energy and the first three cards help me pinpoint their troubles.  Using the whole pack of cards means that I better understand them – and find solutions for the future.  The minor arcana gives insight in to their current situation: the coins speak about the financial circumstances and cups about love life while swords tell me about mental worries and wands reveal energy levels.  The 22 major arcana picture cards offer life lessons so that, if something has gone wrong, my client should learn from it rather than blaming themselves.” Picking the Magician card at random, Kathleen talked about its possible meanings: “This is a powerful card that includes the coin, helix, wand, cup and sword and it represents the link between the spirit and the earth.  By including every element, it suggests a well-rounded person who understands how things work.  But, when combined with two cup cards, it can mean that the person has problems dealing with their emotions.” “Even though lots of people can be very wary at the start of a reading, by the end, many find it a deep spiritual experience – often it is the first time that someone has listened to them and taken time to work through the situation together.  I give them ideas for the future – perhaps a book to read or some creative visualisation exercises.  If they can picture themselves succeeding and overcoming a problem, they are much more likely to do so in real life.  Meditation exercises can also be a great help because just being more aware of how you breathe can reduce stress levels and anxiety.”
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