New window cleaning business gives sparkle to life Paul Crapper of Shirebrook says that “life is getting better all the time” because of his new window cleaning business in Walesby and surrounding area.  He is being supported by the Work for Yourself programme funded by Bolsover District and Chesterfield Borough Councils. He commented: “We use the traditional method of window cleaning: a mop and blade, so that every window is hand-finished.  We also pay attention to cleaning plastic window frames so that there are no watermarks left.  Our all-year-round services include cleaning soffits and facias, gutters and patios plus conservatories and internal windows too.  I know that customers are pleased with the work as more are hearing about us through word-of-mouth from their neighbours.” After over seven years of not working due to ill health, Paul is hugely pleased with his new business.  “Even though I was getting medical help, I found it difficult to move on.  I was just sitting at home all the time, doing nothing.  Getting in to work nowadays seems so hard,” Paul explained, “Then Karl, who has been my best mate for over 30 years, told me about this opportunity.  Now I feel more alive in myself.  We used to struggle but now I’ve got the money to do what I want and more than when I was unemployed.  It’s surprising how many people don’t know what help there is out there such as Working Tax Credits.  Now I look forward to the future.” The Work for Yourself programme can assist you to make the best of opportunities as Paul has done.  If you have a long-term health condition or disability and live in the areas covered by Bolsover District or Chesterfield Borough Councils, a Business Adviser will help you to decide if your idea will work, support you through every step of planning and action plus assist you to find possible sources of funding.  Paul believes that having a positive approach is helping his business grow.  He said, “Being able to talk to people while you are doing the work – being polite and cheerful - is really important in getting new customers.  We always have a smile and take an interest in them.”
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