Helping others live independently. Chesterfield man, Paul Dawe, knows from his own experience that regaining independence and confidence in the face of long-term ill health needs more than home care.  Supported by the Work for Yourself programme, he has launched his “Dawe To Door” service to help people who feel isolated and struggle to get out and about. Paul explained how his background gave him insight: “I had to stop working in the iron ore steel industry nearly 15 years ago because of my own health conditions.  The years of treatment and recovery were difficult but it was the effect on my self-confidence that was most crushing.  Now I’ve got through it and want to help others regain their independence too.      People need a familiar friendly face with the time to support those normal everyday tasks like dealing with letters, doing the shopping together or pottering around a garden centre. Getting out and mixing with other people is a key part of life –it might be a coffee morning, bingo or a hospital appointment. By having my support throughout, they become much more positive about what they can still do.” “One of my clients has been seriously ill for years and was depressed having lost most of his previous interests and friends,” Paul said, “Now he’s much happier as he has the help to go to watch football again, get out and meet more people.  The change has been amazing.” Paul is aiming to develop his business further to meet the increasing demand and commented, “Locally there are very high levels of disabled people and numbers are likely to grow as everyone is living longer.  Families and friends aren’t always about so a reliable and empathetic support worker fills the gap.  I leave personal care to others but focus on helping people maintain their real quality of life: independence and social links.  Helping them avoid the sort of miseries I went through gives me great job satisfaction and the chance to give something back to others.” Contact Paul at
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