Phoenix trikes rise again. Local Shirebrook businessman Wayne Garners’ passion for trikes has led him to taking over the world famous motor cycle trike company, Phoenix Trikes. First established in the 1980s, Wayne is giving this popular brand a new lease of life after becoming self-employed with help from the Work for Yourself programme funded by Bolsover District and Chesterfield Borough Councils. Wayne has moved to new business premises at Pleasley and he is delighted that fellow enthusiasts for this original brand have already started to make contact.  “The trike brings together the freedom of a bike and the comfort of a car.  Depending on the trike design, they can take either two or three people.”  Wayne added, “I started building my own trike and saw an advert for a body and frame on EBAY” Said Wayne.  “Then the original company was advertised for sale so I decided to turn my passion for the trike in to a business.  Now I own all the original moulds and machinery so that I can produce both authentic new trikes and spare parts for existing Phoenix owners – they want to maintain the original design and quality of their machines.  Trikers from as far afield as America and Australia are coming to me because they want the true Phoenix design.” Trikes can be used on the road by anyone who has a motorcycle or car driving licence and there are trike enthusiasts world- wide who swap information through their own specialist magazines and newsletters.
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