A different “Home” shopping experience People living in residential and nursing homes across Derbyshire and South Yorkshire are enjoying shopping from Chesterfield entrepreneur Martin Beresford’s extensive selection of clothing, toiletries and gifts.  His ‘Home from Home’ business is taking off with the help of the Work for Yourself programme funded by Chesterfield Borough and Bolsover District Councils. Martin first spotted the business opportunity after talking with a relative working in the care industry.  He said, “Lots of people living in homes don’t get out very much but they still want to look good.  We offer everything from a simple tube of toothpaste to clothing.  ‘Home from Home’ gives them a shopping experience where customers can choose in their own environment.  We set up the racks and tables in the homes so that shopping is easy and a fun social event.  Some have got a wicked sense of humour and they look forward to my visits.  We help them maintain their quality of life.” Having been off sick for over six years, Martin is hugely pleased with his new venture.  He said, “I did a lot of homework: investigating the competition and the market.  It was clear to me that many people in care homes can be on tight budgets so there was a need for a service at sensible prices.  My Business Adviser has been very helpful.  Now I am over the dark days of not working.  I applied for jobs all over the place and it was very de-moralising not even to get a reply.  But now, my business is very satisfying and I love working and being with my customers.  If I make one of them smile and have a laugh, it makes my day.” One of Martin’s busiest times is at Christmas when he provides homes with hundreds of gift bags for their residents, saving staff valuable time.  He said, “with prices and products to suit everyone, this has become a very popular enterprise.”  He also undertakes special personal orders and explained, “one customer was looking for a new winter coat and I am also providing a suit and dress for a couple attending a wedding later this summer.  On the other hand, for people who are not so mobile any more, comfortable and warm underwear that does not rub from lots of sitting is very important.  I hand-pick every item we sell - good quality clothes in fabrics that are easy-care and will last.  I believe that I offer the best prices around.”
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