New life for classic cars Tony Miller from Staveley uses nearly 45 years of practical experience in launching Miltran Classic Cars specialising in repair and refurbishment of bodywork and running gear.  The Work for Yourself programme, funded by Chesterfield Borough and Bolsover District Councils, has helped him turn his hobby in to a new business. Tony said, “I have been interested in classic cars since I got my first motor when I was 16.”  His subsequent career helped him gain all the necessary skills.  One of his previous jobs gave him the chance to learn welding and he went on to achieve top grades, credits and distinctions in Vehicle Accident Repair qualifications.  During his course, Tony repaired and remodelled a damaged vehicle to create the first disability-friendly taxi in Chesterfield.  He also gained practical experience maintaining fairground rides including refurbishing a Big Wheel and building a children’s ride.  In his spare time, Tony has worked on his own collection of modern classic cars ranging from a rare 1970s XJ6 Jaguar convertible to a more practical A registration Sherpa pick-up.  Now Tony is combining his technical background with his life-long knowledge of classic cars in his new business.  An early customer has a collection of 15 cars and Tony is already working on the chassis of the first: a 1953 Alvis.  He commented, “This work will keep me ticking over nicely during the next few years.  I make replacement bodywork panels when I can’t get hold of them and do my own steel work and spraying.  But not every older car needs complete re-building – some just need the paint work sorting out plus new windscreens and lights.”  Tony has not been able to work for nearly two years and needed work he could manage with his angina condition.  He explained, “It’s OK if I take it steady and that’s why I’m doing the classic cars.  I like working for myself because I can please myself about when I work.  I enjoy doing it and I’m better off than being on benefits.”
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