Bounce back after by-pass Shirebrook’s Vic Spizer is not a man to be put off work by triple by-pass heart surgery!  With the support of the Work for Yourself programme funded by Bolsover District Council, he has escaped from relying on benefits and is now running his new removals business. “I understood about business, tax and accounting after eleven years running a local snooker hall,” said Vic, “Then I was a heavy goods driver for three years until I was made redundant because of my health problem.  I spent nearly a year off sick which isn’t like me at all.  I’d have sooner been at work.” Now with his own 3 ½ tonne removals van with tail lift plus the necessary commercial and goods-in-transit insurance, Vic has been operating his new venture since the start of the year.  He commented, “Exercise and being active is good after the heart by-pass.  I still have my driving licence for this type of van.  My plan is to keep on working until I’m due to retire in a few years.  My family is very proud of what I have achieved.” Being able to use the internet is key for Vic.  Nowadays, customers can simply just go on-line to websites like Shiply or UShip and log in what needs doing.  “Contractors like me are registered with the sites and then we bid for the work,” he explained, "It means that clients get the best price possible. “
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