Websites that work for your business. If your business or organisation isn’t getting great visibility on the web, you may need a Search Engine Optimiser like Guy Tomlinson who has recently launched his new enterprise, SEO CoPilot.  Having developed the expertise, this Chesterfield man used the Work for Yourself programme to turn his skill in to a new business. Guy made the IT jargon sound simple and explained: “Search Engine Optimisation is getting the best out of a website by putting it on to the first page of Google or other search engines.  Most people know about keyword research but not about how search engine keyword density, images alt tags, bounce rate, back- linking strategies or html meta-tags work.  Recent changes mean that previous techniques may not work anymore with some of the big search engines.  It’s a fast changing technology and all too easy for businesses to fall behind.” He shared some of his top tips for successful websites: “Registering with all the local directories works as many get high search results.  Social sharing buttons on the website can make links to Facebook and Twitter for new customers.  Investing in optimisation pays dividends in the free advertising that results.” Guy estimates that changes, testing and refinements over about three months will make a big difference to the visibility of a website that then needs routine checks to maintain its effectiveness.  Alternatively, he recommends that optimisation is built in to new websites from the start. Talking about his business background, Guy said, “After many successful years in sales, I took a break to do the training and research to change my career to become an SEO and web designer.  Now it’s very satisfying to see a client’s business sky-rocket.  I’ve worked with a beauty salon and a boxing gym to a MOT garage and home improvement company.  It can be any type of business as search optimisation helps all of them.”
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