Making websites work for business Chesterfield’s John Rawson is sharing his top tips for turning websites in to money-making machines by getting big numbers of enthusiastic followers.  Through his new enterprise, Raw Web Designs, he provides established and popular websites that other businesses can customise or creates bespoke sites and builds the audiences of potential customers. “Monetising a website is all about attracting people who are interested in its content and then encouraging them to spend,” John said, “My top tips are that: Content is the key.  But it has to be fresh and regularly updated with lots of good images. Promoting each site update through all social media gains visibility.  Special software makes it easier. Two-way conversations establish the connection.  Exchanging comments and leaving links on other similar sites builds interest.” John has been developing his business concept over recent years based on his computer programming background and IT skills.  John said, “New technology means that I can even work on my mobile phone when I’m out getting the exercise I need.”  He explained, “My life has been dogged by injuries since an attack nearly severed my arm.  Then a major cycling accident resulted in several skull fractures, spine and facial damage only to be followed later by helicopter evacuation from a house fire and near death.  Although I’ve re-trained for alternative careers since, the ongoing consequences meant I couldn’t sustain or return to my previous occupations.” “But my philosophy is not to give up so I decided to use my knowledge and creative side to start my own internet-based business,” he continued, “I wouldn’t have got so far without my Work for Yourself adviser because, while he knows about business and finances, he really understands people with health problems.  Everyone says how much happier I am now: I’m much more optimistic and have been able to reduce my medication.  As a trained occupational therapist, I know that keeping busy helps people feel better.” You can join others with long-term health conditions and disabilities getting back to employment with the Work for Yourself programme by contacting Theresa on 0845 459 2547, 07446 366391 or  The programme is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund plus Bolsover District and Chesterfield Borough Councils. John offers new or established websites as he explained: “Some clients want to start from scratch while others want to tailor a site which already has a proven mass audience.  For example, my off-the-shelf ‘Burn Fat Gain Muscle’ site is achieving over 85,000 hits after just three months and would be ideal for the fitness industry.  I research customer interest trends from on-line data: the ‘iPhone Travel Log’ would work for tourism businesses, ‘The Coffee Choice’ could suit café chains and ‘Beer Wine and Liquor’ is designed for the hospitality trade such as breweries, pubs and clubs.” For more information, check out
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