Did you know? Work is good for you and there’s lots of free help available. Bolsover District and Chesterfield Borough both have very high levels of people with long-term health conditions/disabilities due to the legacy of the former mining industry.  And these large numbers of people have particular problems finding work for all sorts of reasons: local economy, employer attitudes, personal circumstances etc. The Help to Work partnership includes organisations that can offer every sort of free help: health and finances through training and volunteering to job applications and self-employment.  We understand the needs and challenges faced by disabled people - and some of us are specialists  Now the partners are using the internet,  Facebook  and Twitter  (@helptowork1) as part of our media campaign promoting the help to Bolsover District residents. We are looking for new partners, employers wanting to promote vacancies plus local residents who share our vision that life can be better when you are working – and want to make the most of the free help on offer.  For more information: penny@laylands.co.uk. Bouquet of the week. Mary, stalwart of the British Federation of Women Graduates, bon viveur and indomitable spirit, who dismisses the continuous challenges of ill-health to remain the decided matriarch of her family and celebrate her 80th birthday. Yours admiringly, Penny Melville-Brown penny@laylands.co.uk
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