Family of motorbike fans With three generations all being passionate about motorcycles, it’s not surprising that Mark Wragg has turned his life-long enthusiasm in to a new business, M+J Motorcycles, with support funded by Bolsover District Council’s Working Neighbourhoods Fund. “I’ve been riding since I was four years old, started racing when I was six and built my first engine when I was just nine,” explained Mark.  “So I’ve had nearly 35 years experience of everything to do with motorcycles.  My father has been a biker all his life and now our passion has moved on to the next generation with my son being one too.” But this can be a risky sport: his father was injured a few years ago and Mark had a major accident in 2001.  He said, “That bike was smashed up and all the muscles and tendons on my left leg were detached from my thigh bone and my back was damaged.  I then had another accident when I was beach racing and broke my knee in the same leg.  I had to stop working as a motor mechanic.  It was very depressing and I was about ready to top myself five years ago.  I was fed up with not having any money and not being able to provide for my family.  I still have a bad back and restricted movement in my left leg.” Now, Mark has turned his biking sport in to a business as he explained, “I’ve built bike “choppers” as a hobby in the past  and people thought that they were as good as those in the specialist magazines.  My wife has supported me 100 per cent.  I want my unit to be more than just a repair and build shop - but a place where other enthusiasts can come and chat, see me at work and get a real understanding of the sort of quality I’m putting in to the machines.” Mark can customise motorcycles and mopeds, undertake routine maintenance and repairs plus prepare bikes for MOT testing.  He specialises in welding the iconic “chopper” frames and alloy polishing for showroom gleam on front forks, wheels and engine casings.  He said, “At the moment, I’m working on a chopper for a woman who is just over 5 feet tall.  So the bike has to be safe and fit her.  I have just re-built my father’s BSA Bantam.  It’s great being able to work on classic British bikes - they can be very valuable now and it’s easier to get parts for them.  On the other hand, modern bikes have much better brakes, more power and are much lighter - they are faster and more reliable.”
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